Wonder of wonders, the Social Dummy Project has nearly come full circle. No, not as in the end. As in, a wonderfully began circle has nearly been connected to make a wonderfully unending whole. What marks this astounding and exciting thing is County Fair, the day Amanda, Catlin, and Katherine brought their 3 dummies to the fair and rampaged for 3 days. Next week marks another County Fair, and this reminded me I never actually posted the spectacular news. We got in the paper. Sure, it’s just a small town paper that lacks spell-check, but it was still crazy exciting for us. There were even people who hung out and interacted with our limp friends without us being around, which we thought was an added plus.

Let’s just say I’m feeling nostalgic, and wish we could re-live that 3 day weekend once more. Sadly, one of our number is now living far, far, away (this suddenly makes me wish she lived in the Far, Far Away that we know about from Shrek, because it would be awesome) and she won’t be able to hang out.

But that doesn’t mean we won’t have fun this year, and we are definitely going. Whether the dummies come along or not has yet to be decided, but I’m up for a round 2. Wonder if the people in Afton are as well?

Btw, two legitimate posts in two days. New. Record.

P.S. My computer is being a pain and not loading the photo I want, so that will be loaded tomo…. later today 😀


4th of July

On the 4th of July – well, if we are being technical it was the night of the 3rd, but there were fireworks, and that’s all that matters – Catlin and I took John to Lake of Three Fires for the Bedford, IA Fireworks. Sadly, we could not take Sally or Bob with us because the two were in my garage when someone locked it, and I do not have a key. I have to say, it felt a bit odd carrying around only one dummy. Although, I suppose it’s just plain odd to carry around dummies in the first place, but who’s judging which is weirder?


Anyway, a couple of Catlin’s old friends were around, so the three of us decided to walk down by the lake to say ‘howdy’. John, probably feeling stressed out since he was the only synthetic dummy around (or it was his encounter with the police officer) calmed down with a cigarette Catlin’s friend was kind enough to share.




Later, we wondered what the hell had been in that cigarette. John started climbing trees, which freaked some small children out. We soon left that area to a few catcalls and clever remarks by the kids, such as “Bye, dummy! Haha, did you hear that, dummy? You’re a dummy!” Ah, how clever indeed.Image

After wondering around for a bit longer, we decided to sit down and enjoy the show, especially since it seemed John could go no farther. We left him on the stairs leading away from the lake, and sat down several feet away. The fireworks weren’t too bad, but the real show began when everyone started to leave.




Since pictures are lacking here (my camera really sucks) I will do my best to describe our favorite moments.

They came in droves, the people, laughing and talking, yet eager to leave the shore of the lake and the mosquitoes that still buzzed around. Catlin and I watched silently and covertly, just shy of the dim glow cast by the lights which lined the cement stairs to our right. We glanced at each other, exchanging sly and excited smiles as we waited expectantly for someone to notice our blue friend. We were not disappointed.

“OH MY GOD!” Came a shrill screech from a slim brunette who looked to be around our own age. She had just noticed John, and quickly jumped away from him. “What? Haha, holy crap, that scared the hell out of me!”

Catlin and I laughed silently, and a group of people a little way down the hill laughed loudly at the girl. “We saw some girls drop him there earlier. Funny, huh?”

“Haha, wow. Yeah, oh my god, I thought it was real!”

She left, and more people came. Some people never noticed him, while others stopped a flight of steps down, and made a point to walk into the grass in order to give the prone figure a wide berth. Others approached cautiously, to bend over and stare for a moment before moving on, while a few prodded him with their toes or gave him a hardy kick to see if he would move.

After passing John, a college age girl turned to look back at
him, her expression concerned. She asked her boyfriend, “Think he’s ok?”

The boyfriend, a few strides behind, laughed, “Well, I walked over him, so I don’t think he’s real.”

Catlin and I looked at each other with wide eyes “Walk over him to see if he’s real?” I asked her. She shook her head, as surprised as me.

The crowds were gone now, and only a few clumps of people were leaving between wide spaces of stillness. Catlin and I were chatting and catching up as we hadn’t seen each other since October. As such, we barely noticed the small family that walked by – that is, until a small boy turned around and ran toward John.

“Woa. Amanda, look.” Following Catlin’s direction, I looked toward John, who was currently getting the hell beat out of him by the little boy. First he kicked him. Then he started to drag him away, but since John was too heavy, the boy grabbed his arm and started making John hit himself. It only lasted a few moments before the mother called. “Ok, I’m done!” the boy yelled back, as he gave poor John one last wallup. Running to catch up with his family the boy called excitedly “DAD! I BEAT SOMEONE UP!”

Catlin and I burst out laughing. I don’t know about Catlin, but that really makes me want to have kids . . . not . . . but we did agree we had learned one thing, never pass out in Bedford on the 4th of July. People will beat you to see if you are real or alive.

Oh Dear . . . It happened again!

Wow. . . talk about suspense, right? . . .or not . . . ? Anyway, again, it has been an age and a half since this site has been updated, and for that I apologize. I am claiming finals of my 5th consecutive year of college, as well as a career choice dilemma (aka I’m wondering why I chose graphic design as my major) as an excuse. It’s a sad excuse, but I will die before I chock it up to pure laziness.

Anyway, to continue the story and to make it short (since I must recognize my inability to continue a long story) Sally was missing for a couple of days, though she somehow had access to the internet and made numerous posts on Facebook, not realizing very few people cared. Poor thing, I don’t think her boyfriend minded all that much that she was missing.

Finally, I got a tip from a friend about a music student who might have taken her and locked her away in his dorm (I don’t even want to think of what might have transpired!) so I called campus police. I felt bad about calling the police, since I originally made her to leave behind in a random place . . . but I was upset not to get updates on her situation.

~Note to self, put link to FB and wordpress ON the Dummies ~

So she was found, and the campus police still laugh about the Dummy Kidnapping to this very day. Thankfully, the kid who stole her got away with a slap on the wrist. He was apparently planning to use her for a prank, and return her by the end of the semester . . . at least, that’s what I understand.

I’m sorry there are no pictures this round. I lost the memory chip that had them somewhere in Shiloh, TN last month when I was taking photos during a Civil War reenactment.

Starting in June, expect some more adventures from the Dummies. Me and Catlin have big plans, so keep up to date!

In the Aftermath

If any of you have followed Sally Lu Frebush’s Facebook page, you might already know this, but I felt like sharing it on here anyway, because I can.

There was an incident this past month. A rather traumatizing, life changing, depressing, suspenseful, and crazy happening that resulted in A. me not being able to stay in my studio after 12am because of inanimate objects moving, and B. Well . . . I’ll be coy (again, because I can) and draw B out a little bit. Who really want’s the story all at once? Why not make this more than one post. You can find out the short and sweet of it on Sally’s Facebook, but I know you want the WHOLE story. Don’t you?

It started so simple, and so innocently at the beginning of the spring semester by some unknown ceramic students. I had placed Sally on top of some drawers in my studio (after an unsuccessful attempt at using her to scare one of the ceramic teachers and my sculpture professor) thinking I would just leave her there as inspiration for the on-coming semester . Then, one month in, during a critique of my most recent project, I saw it. She was CHANGED. Not only had she stolen one of my desk lights, but she had grown hair as well! Almost giddy, I thought, YES! Let the prank wars BEGIN!


Just realized we can like our own posts and follow ourselves! SWEET!

Because We Like That

Hey all! Greatest news this week . . . Catlin is NOT dead! She is alive, and currently working on a promotional video for TSDP to boot. It can’t get better than that. Wait, YES IT CAN! It’s just the best thing to date.

In other news, Catlin also updated our photo’s on Facebook. Here’s a teaser, and if you want to see more, check out John Smovae or Bob Rizger’s Facebook profiles. This batch of photos was taken over Christmas Break and features our adventures in the Maryville, Mo Hy-Vee, Wall-Mart, and the local martial arts academy. We met some awesome people at Hy-Vee who were more than happy to get in on the action. One lady even hopped in the cart with John and Bob, despite claiming embarrassment! THAT is what we like! Let loose and have fun!!! Wall-Mart was a COMPLETELY different atmosphere. We got weird sideways glances and one or two crude comments, but we still had an adventure in the kids section and with the bikes. Oh yeah, John and Bob even got into it with some martial artists!!!!

Outside Hy-Vee









Inside Hy-Vee


























In the Wall-Mart









After a Long Hiatus… ?

Well . . . it seems Catlin is MIA in Georgia . . . and I don’t believe we will hear from her or her photographs until this summer, if we are lucky. I’ve honestly given up waiting on them, and will continue on until I get those photos (though I think that will be a small merical if it happens). No offence to Catlin, of course. She’s working hard in Georgia!!!

The good news is, I found some photos of the creation of Sally Lu Frebush, and will post them now!

She took approximately 12-15 hours to complete from start to finish. Her understructure (which I don’t have photos of, is made with plywood slats I jointed with bolts. I then covered her in re-purposed cardboard and extra newsprint from the local newspaper, and wrapped her up like a mummy with old sheets.